Managing Bookings in a Travel Agency is a very big problem.

Travel Bookings Management Software:

Travel CEO is a unique Travel CRM which has one of most powerful Booking Management tool required for every travel agency. Managing a Travel booking is not an easy task… Just relax, TravelCEO takes care of all your head ache. 

TravelCEO Bookings Management Module
TravelCEO Bookings Management Module

Travel Bookings Management Software Tool in TravelCEO helps you to manage your travel bookings with following features:

  • Automatic New Booking Creation: Invoices will automatically converted into Booking, but only after updating the first payment in invoice.
  • Booking Voucher Section: It helps you to store Booking confirmation details and also generate booking voucher in PDF format, send booking voucher to the customer’s e-mail in a single click.
  • Manage Customer Payments for bookings: You can set due date for balance payment, record the payment history for payments done till now. It also helps you to send payment receipts to the customer.
  • Manage Supplier Payments for bookings: It helps you to update multiple supplier payments for the single booking.
  • Automated Payment reminder email: Software will send automatic email reminders for both the customer payments and supplier payments.
  • Reschedule Booking: You can reschedule booking with the rescheduling charges, if once the Travel date changes.
  • Cancel Booking: You can Cancel booking with the cancellation charges.
  • Graphical Reports: Generate comprehensive graphical booking reports based on user wise, destination wise, lead source wise and lead vs booking.
TravelCEO Invoice Management Software
TravelCEO Invoice Management Software

You can manage bookings in a very systematic and organised way with the help of TravelCEO’s Travel Booking Management Tool.

TravelCEO Destination wise bookings graph report
TravelCEO Destination wise bookings graph report

TravelCEO has many other tools like travel lead management, travel itinerary management, travel invoice management, travel business accounts and payment management etc.

Register for free demo now and play around the software to get the best experience out of it.



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